The word “analytics” is intimidating to some. But there’s nothing to fear.

Analytics helps us understand our business and our customers. By using what we learn through data analysis, we find and keep more customers.

Google Analytics is a simple data collection and analysis tool built into your website or blog.

Here is a crash course in understanding how to use Google Analytics to benefit your business.

Why Google Analytics?

Before we get into a quick Google Analytics tutorial, understand why it’s important to use it.

Google Analytics is a robust tool that tells you where your audience comes from and how to get more of them. The tool tracks and reports on behavior, engagement, while providing insight on how visible you are on the internet.

Google Analytics also helps you track your website traffic which (in turn) can help you determine how effective your  market-wide exposure levels are by tracking the volume of visitors to your website in conjunction with your advertising campaigns.

How Does it Work?

Without digging into the details of how to set up Google Analytics on WordPress or other websites, here is the short answer: the tool is programmed into the code of your website.

Once there, it works behind the scenes to collect data from your website. The Google Analytics Dashboard is a user-friendly way to see what that data means.

You’ll see trends and metrics about your website as a whole, as well as specific links and pages.

Start with a goal in mind. Know what you want to learn from the analytics.

Manage Your Resources

Few things drain your budget like campaigns that don’t work.

Make sure your marketing dollars go to the highest performing campaigns. The most expensive advertising doesn’t matter if it doesn’t reach your target audience.

Google Analytics provides audience and behavior reports to help target your content marketing.

Learn what your ideal customer looks for when considering your products and services.

Know what works for your visitors who convert to customers. Replicate the things that work well. Eliminate the techniques or tools that don’t generate the behaviors you need to move your potential clients down the path to purchase.

Know Your Best Google Ads

Do you run Google Ads? If not, you should.

Google Ads helps you get the word out about your website and business.

Use Google Analytics for tracking the response to your Ads. Set up multiple campaigns to test for best response behaviors.

Your Google Analytics Dashboard shows how each campaign performs. Fine-tune your Ads and campaigns based on the analysis.

Use Google Analytics For Success

Your business won’t be the solution for everyone. But with Google Analytics, you’ll be the go-to solution in your market for clients who do need what you offer.

We realize that understanding analytics can feel overwhelming in the beginning. And the more data you gather, the more important it is to be able to sort out what’s working and what’s not.

But don’t stress. Let professionals help you create, execute, and analyze your advertising and marketing.

You might be one of the top professionals in your industry or niche. But advertising your skills to attract your target clients takes a different type of expertise.

Don’t go it alone! Contact Us. We will show you how to use your data and the power of analytics to grow your company.