Demographics is usually a term advertising agencies use when describing the potential client they are trying to reach for the business owner.

There are many demographic segments that can be used, but a very common one is Women 25-54.  This means that the advertising agency is trying to buy TV programs and radio stations that rank well with women 25-54.

Old Demographics just focus on age – the best advertising agencies today recognize that buyers are more than just age plus gender

Let’s think about this for a moment. Consider the behavioral differences between a 25 year old woman and a 50 year old woman…

Musical/Radio Habits

  • Do they listen to the radio at the same time of day? If the 25 year old had kids to pick up from school and the 54 year old does not… probably not.
  • Do they listen to the same musical artists? Maybe- but that’s a big maybe. There is probably some shared music, but a lot of the ‘favorite artists’ a person chooses based on what was popular in High School or College”
  • Do they listen via radio, streaming, or off their mobile device?

Shopping Habits

  • Do they shop the same way for groceries? Maybe….but the 54 year old will remember when coupons were paper and the circulars were only available through the newspaper or at the store.
  • Do they shop the same way for clothes? Maybe, but the 25 year old probably follows looks on Pinterest & Instagram far more than the 54 year old crowd. And the 54 year old crowd may read printed magazines more than on-line versions of their magazines out of older habits.
  • Do they shop the same way for service providers?  A 54 year old woman might ask neighbors for referrals when she’s out in the neighborhood.  A 25 year old might post a ‘recommendations request’ via FB and and then check out on-line reviews before ‘clicking to call’ a service tech.

Video Viewing Habits

  • Do these two ladies watch the same TV programs? There are probably a few that over lap due to the nature of local television, but this is where it’s important to know more than their age and gender. For example, are 60-70% of your customers pet owners? Do most of them have kids or not? This type of insight will enable the business owner to find the ‘hidden gems’ that can save them money or provide great opportunities for sponsorships & value-added opportunities.
  • Do these two ladies watch their programs on the same platforms?  A 25 year old woman might stream all her content and not have a cable subscription.  A 54 year old woman might still be tied to a cable or satellite service out of old habits.
  • Do these two ladies get their news updates the same?  A 25 year old might see updates via her TW feed or through FB posts.  The 54 year old might still be watching the news at night as a way to end the day with the latest information

As an agency that subscribes to ComScore data, we can target our clients’ TV campaigns based on a broad variety of qualitative factors.  If your business is ready to step beyond age & gender and really focus on their buyer’s profile, contact us today for a demonstration to learn more about how our data-driven advertising strategies can help you reach your ideal customer.  Not all advertising agencies are the same, so please let us share how a more modern approach can help your company get a better ROI for their advertising dollars.